Restorair Pty Ltd is based  in the heart of the South-West of Western Australia. With over 30 years worth of experience in maintaining and servicing a wide variety of piston and turbine aircraft . From Cessna to Beechcraft to Mooney  to Recreational aircraft........... we welcome pilots of all flying types. We maintain a range of aircraft from survey to charter to Agricultural and have maintained the Western Australian fixed wing Waterbomber squadron since 1996.

  • We are located at MANJIMUP AIRPORT, MANJIMUP  WA  6258

  • The airstrip is sealed and is 1224m in  length.

  • There are no landing fees or parking charges.

  •  Swipe card AVGAS fuel is available.

In the Manjimup region there are many choices of accommodation and  plenty of great places to eat. There are wineries to visit and plenty of awesome things to see..... both from the air and on the ground. Should you need to stay overnight we are more than happy to  drop you off at your accommodation and pick you up when your aircraft is ready.

Our chief engineer, Shane Hawily,  is  a pilot and aircraft owner and so understands your every flying need and is available (weather, etc permitting) if you happen to break down on a remote strip somewhere.

If you are flying around the SouthWest, pop in for a cuppa....we'd love to meet you.